Herd Immunity

The cases of COVID-19 are increasing all over the world. In such a situation, health workers are engaged in curing people day and night. In most countries, cases of COVID-19 are resorting to lockdowns. Due to the lockdown, the common life has also been affected a lot. Most of the people lost their jobs. In such a situation, health officials are making continuous efforts to save the public from the disease. Health officials also mention Herd Immunity to reduce the impact of this disease. That’s why you need to know about herd Immunity.

Herd Immunity

What is Herd Immunity

We can also say Herd Immunity in such a way that a large part of any population is immune to a specific disease. If more people are resistant to a disease, the effect of that disease starts decreasing. Not everyone in the society can have immunity. The whole group becomes safe because the number of people at high risk is less. The infection rate also starts decreasing gradually. And the disease gradually subsides.

Large immune populations protect at-risk populations. This population includes those people whose immune system is weak and they do not have the immunity to protect themselves.

How Herd Imunity Works

For example, we eat different types of protein food for the energy and energy of the body. Our body develops and gets energy from that food. In the same way you can basically develop resistance abilities. When your body comes in contact with a virus or bacteria, then antibodies are produced to fight the infection. When you have the ability to fight that infection, then you are fine. And your body keeps these antibodies. And will protect your body from other infections.

The example of Herd Immunity has been seen many times. Like when polio was stopped in the United States of America. It also prevented the outbreak of Zika virus in Brazil. He had taken 63 percent of the population in his contact within 2 years. Researchers believed that the community had reached the right level of herd immunity.

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Tics also work in a similar way. The hinges also build resistance. Your body feels that a virus or bacteria has infected it. You get sick. But your immune system keeps on producing antibodies continuously. And later when there is contact with such a dangerous disease, then he keeps working continuously in fighting it.

At present, ticks are available in the market to protect against COVID-19. In many countries, Tika is being installed free of cost by the government there. But its availability is not in large numbers and it may take several months to reach enough people. It is hoped that vaccines can be helpful in controlling the spread of COVID-19.

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